About The Classes


 Kickboxing is based on a mixture of the effective techniques from various martial arts.


What to expect at a class:
  • friendly but focused atmosphere
  • mix of all ages from 14 to 60+ (some of our clubs run classes for kids)
  • balanced mix of both male and female students
  • safety to be taken seriously.  It is our no 1 priority
  • Increased levels of fitness and improved muscle tone
  • tiredness, muscle-soreness after first few classes
  • nervousness - turning up for your first few classes
  • improved fitness, strength and techniques
  • increased self confidence, self esteem


What not to expect at a class:

  • bullying - it will never be acceptable
  • being judged by your colour, creed or back ground
  • to spar or “fight” anybody - this is a self defence club not a full contact fighting club
  • to be brilliant at first - practise does make perfect
  • to get hurt - expect some slight bruising around wrists in learning how to defend/block punches
  • to be training with children - our minimum age is 14
  • stereotypical view of tough, ‘cauliflower eared’ & broken nosed boxers - it simply isn’t like that! 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our clubs, and don't forget, the first lesson is FREE!


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