Nippon Dai Budo Kai International Governing Body


Nippon Dai Budo Kai International Governing Body is the Governing Body for Budo. It has been under the same Chairman since 1992.   It leads the way in bringing professional qualifications into the Martial Arts in the UK.  All of our Instructors are required  to have full professional indemnity insurance, a criminal records bureau check, a coaching qualification minimum level 2 and a check-able grading history. Nippon Dai also insist that every student in individually insured  and all grades taken are registered.  We believe in taking extra care of our students.

The Chairman  Professor Anthony Smith 9th Dan, is also the Chairman of the UK Martial Arts Forum and a Director of the UK Martial Arts Standards and Advisory Commission, he has represented 250.000 Martial Artist to both sides of the House of Parliament and the European Parliament to try to bring quality as standard into the Martial Arts.


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