Sponsored Kickboxing Fundraising Event

Terry McElhinney's Kickboxing club members participating in the sponsored Kickboxing event. Photo taken by Liverpool Echo
A Thousand Thanks To Fundraisers

Terry McElhinney's Kick Boxing Club based at Huyton Leisure centre recently came up a with a novel way of raising funds for Knowsley Young Carers.

Terry said: "We wanted to raise money to bring 25-30 young carers from Knowsley to Huyton Leisure Centre for a party with entertainment, presents and lots of fun. "The idea was to give the young carers a break from looking after somebody else.

"These young carers are children and young people aged from 6 to 17 years of age and provide care to a family member. who has a serious illness or disability, mental ill health or a sensory disability. "We wanted to pay for the whole day including professional entertainment, disco, food, transport, presents and much more. They deserve it.

"Each kick boxing student had to do 1000 sit-up followed by 1000 kicks and then 1000 punches. It was a hard exercise to complete but the students were excellent and we managed to raise in excess of £1,500. We now look forward to a well deserved rest and are starting to plan our party. (Article appeared in Liverpool Echo)


KICK-BOXING students are holding a sponsored exercise session to raise money for young carers.

Members of Terry McElhinney's kick boxing club at Huyton Leisure Centre are aiming to complete 1000 sit-ups, 1000 kicks and 1000 punches.

All money raised will be used to pay for a party at the centre for 25 to 30 young carers across Knowsley ¬complete with food, a disco, presents and transports to 'and from the event.

Terry said: "We hope to pay for the whole day including professional entertainment, .presents and more. "Please sponsor us for this special event and for these extraordinary children. (Article appeared in Liverpool Echo)