8 Knowlsey Kickboxers Get Black Belt

Black belts are just gr-eight  (By David Ritchie)

EIGHT Knowsley kick boxers are celebrating after achieving black belt status.  Richie Heeson, Mike Ledwidge, Jo Dunn, Stanley Reece, Tony Weston, Dominic Murphy, Neil Griffiths and Lee Brack are all members of the Terry McElhinney Kickboxing Club at Huyton Leisure Centre. Founder Terry said: "The process of progressing from white to black belt usually takes between three to four years, which highlights the commitment and dedication of all eight of the kick boxers. "Some of the group have had problems with work commitments and injury worries and it's to their credit that they have overcome these hurdles:'

The club, established for 22 years, boasts a string oflocal and national champions and Terry is confident his latest group of black belts can match their feats.


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