How The Kickboxing Clubs Work

My club is in Huyton- For more information about the class prices, time tables and location, please click on Terry Classes link on the menu on the left.

You will start as a beginner and after approximately 20 lessons of practicing easy but effective moves from “white belt”, you will have an informal grading. (I will frequently check you know all the moves first.)  When you pass this you will move on to slightly more progressive moves for approximately 24 lessons and this is repeated until you reach black belt.  As individuals, we all learn in different ways and at different speeds.  The belts and grading structure are methods to keep you motivated and working towards goals as well as maintaining your interest and varying what you learn.


There are 10 belts (or gradings); white, yellow, orange, green, red, blue, purple, brown, brown 1 and then black belt.  

The gradings are as follows:-kickboxing-members



  • From beginner to White belt
  • From White to Yellow belt
  • From Yellow to Orange belt
  • From Orange to Green belt
  • From Green belt to Red belt
  • From Red belt to Blue belt
  • From Blue belt to Purple belt
  • From Purple Belt to Brown Belt
  • From Brown to Brown 1 belt
  • From Brown 1 to Black belt



Older club photos

Whilst digging through the archives we stumbled across a couple of older Kickboxing class photos - one going back as far as 1989. That particular photo was taken at Huyton Leisure Centre. Do you recognise anyone?











1989 (Huyton Leisure Centre)




1996 (Huyton Leisure Centre)










1998 (Huyton Leisure Centre)


We look forward to seeing you at my club, and don't forget, Your first week  is FREE!